Take a BITE Out of Clutter with Garage Gator!

For nearly 20 years, V-Bro Products have revolutionized motorized overhead and vertical storage for commercial businesses across the USA and around the world. Our overhead systems are used in the storerooms of some of the world’s largest retailers to lift everything from bicycles to garments, keeping their stock clean, organized, and easily accessible with the touch of a button. We are also the go-to motorized storage system for the commercial home center industry, including electrical wire, carpet, and vinyl product storage. And at every trade show, demonstration, and convention we’ve gone to around the world, the number one question we’ve been asked is—

“When can I get one for my garage?”

You asked—we listened! From these revolutionary products came the Patented Residential Overhead Lift Systems manufactured and sold by Garage Gator. We’re proud to give you a motorized storage product that is safe, strong, simple to use, and solves all your home storage needs.

Our mission is to help you reclaim your garage floor.

We’ve created a simple and safe motorized overhead garage storage system that allows you to lift your items up into your unused overhead space, yet still have safe and convenient access to them.

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